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#1 VTACO 2015 Round 9.pdf

Matthew Fleischer - Writer
Tossup HS/2015 VTACO
[p 5] work orgon is obsessed with the title religious hypocrite for 10 points name this french playwright of the misanthrope and tartuffe answer moliere or jean baptiste poquelin tb this process bohm type occurs in plasma over a magnetic field the coefficient of this phenomenon is given by the einstein relation and an equation governing this phenomenon simplifies to the heat equation when that coefficient is ... [p 5] when it occurs with water and a semi permeable membrane it is called osmosis for 10 points name this process through which particles move from high to low concentration answer diffusion packet 9 bonuses 1 it asserts that an aged man is but a paltry thing for 10 points each 10 name this poem written in ottava rima and collected in ...

#2 GSAC XXI Finals Round 2.docx

GSAC - Writer
Tossup HS/2014 GSAC
[p 3] this process and the rate at which it occurs appears in the denominator of the thiele modulus the ambipolar version of this process is inversely proportional to collision frequency for plasmas and when this process occurs in plasmas with a magnetic field present it is named for bohm the rate of its occurrence is inversely proportional to the square root of molar mass and graham and fick both name laws that govern it for 10 points name this process a specific example of which is osmosis in which particles move from areas of high to low concentration answer diffusion 9 this artist painted a child turning to witness a double rainbow while on the lap of the title accordion player in the blind girl he elicited controversy for his ...

#3 VHSL Regular Season 2010-2011 Round #5

Tossup HS/2011 HSAPQ VHSL Regular Season-Colonia
[p 9] his fourteen points for 10 points name this president who won the election of 1912 and served throughout world war i answer thomas woodrow wilson 081 10 20 05133 3 plasma exhibits the bohm type of this phenomenon this process is also given by einstein s relation a specific type of it observed in gases is inversely proportional to the molar mass of the ... [p 9] involves water passing through a semi permeable membrane and is called osmosis for 10 points name this movement of particles from an area of high concentration to low concentration answer diffusion prompt on effusion or osmosis 079 10 20 05134 4 one paragraph in this novel notes that man was chopped into millions of pieces beaten down nothing to sparks and ...

#4 Round 17.pdf

Tossup HS/2010 PACE NSC
[p 4] referred to as osmosis when the substance in question is water in which molecules move down a gradient from regions of high concentrations to regions of lower concentrations answer molecular diffusion prompt on osmosis before mention watkins 12 this composer wrote a work for clarinet bassoon and piano that today is more often played by cello violin and piano and he ... [p 5] quasiparticles that represent excitations in these entities are localized due to charge transfer complexes in surface enhanced raman spectroscopy warm electrons in these substances follow a dispersion relation named for bohm and gross and bennett pinches are filamentary structures that form in them a type of low frequency oscillation in these substances is known as an alfven wave the formation of ... [p 5] langmuir probe and they exhibit a characteristic interaction length named for debye exemplified by lightning for 10 points name this fourth phase of matter composed of an ionized gas answer plasmas watkins 16 the wave plan and operation whirlwind sought to combat this event after a sixteenpoint resolution called for the replacement of erno gero it secured one participant the limited ...

#5 Related Tossup/Bonus

Student - Writer
Tossup HS/2009 Weekend of Quizbowl Saturday Event
[p 5] manifestation of the author for 10 points identify this chicago writer of herzog and humboldt s gift answer saul bellow discovered by its namesake along with burhop and massey the bohm type of this measures it for plasma while the knudsen type describes this process for narrow pores which frequently collisions from various particles a form of passive transportation the facilitated type of this involves passage of molecules ... [p 5] points name this transport of molecules from a region of high concentration to one of low concentration by random motion examples of which include brownian motion and osmosis answer molecular diffusion category quiz bonuses arts eusebi guell was this man s patron and he drew much inspiration from eugene viollet le duc a leader of the gothic revival for 15 points ...

#6 Packet 8

User - Writer
Bonus HS/2009 Prison Bowl
[p 2] jean luc godard and francois truffaut answer france du 10 the knudsen type occurs at low pressures in porous media and is governed by the einstein smoluchowski relation while the bohm type occurs in plasmas acted upon by a magnetic field used in doping semiconductors it is governed by two laws named after adolf fick another law states that the rate at which it occurs ... [p 2] the random collisions of particles for 10 points name this transport phenomenon resulting in a net flow of molecules from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration answer diffusion prompt on effusion until semiconductors is read lc 11 this man equated matter with potency and distinguished between essential and accidental existence in on the principles of nature in response ...

#7 PACE NSC 2009 - Round 8.pdf

admin - Writer
Bonus HS/2009 PACE NSC
[p 4] piraeus ray 9 dynkin s formula describes the ito type of this process while another type of this process occurs in plasmas over a magnetic field and is named for bohm the namesake differential equation describing this process reduces to the heat equation when its coefficient is zero and another law governing it relates flux to the gradient of the concentration ... [p 4] occurs with water across a semipermeable membrane and is known as osmosis for 10 points name this process which involves the motion of a substance down a concentration gradient answer diffusion mukherjee 9 it is a polymer consisting of n acetylglucosamine and n acetylmuramic acid and contains mostly d amino acids for 10 points each 10 identify this polymer which prevents ... [p 14] ends of this protein which contains two alpha and two beta chains it more commonly transports oxygen in the blood answer hemoglobin 10 however most co2 is found in the plasma in the form of this ion which is in equilibrium with carbonic acid its sodium form is baking soda answer bicarbonate or hco3 minus do not accept carbonate or co3 ...

#8 Microsoft Word - Round 13 HSAPQ4Q.doc

MLW - PrimoPDF
Bonus HS/2009 HSAPQ 4Q
[p 5] answer heracles or hercules 10 heracles first labor was killing this beast whose impervious skin he would go on to wear answer the nemean lion prompt on partial answer 8 plasma and a magnetic field make for the bohm kind of this process while its anomalous type has non linear time dependence its collective variety makes its namesake coefficient concentrationdependent in contrast to its single particle variety brownian motion ... [p 5] of this process concerning water is called osmosis for 10 points identify this behavior where particles tend to spread from areas of high concentration into areas of low concentration answer diffusion bonus roman jakobson yah cub son was convinced that these units could be broken down into features for 10 points each 10 name these small linguistic units of sound which ...

#9 Packet 10.pdf

Tossup Collegiate/2017 EFT
[p 3] poetry 12 the mean time to failure in semiconductors due to this process is given by black s equation onesixteenth times the electron temperature over the magnetic field in a plasma is the rate of a type of this process named for bohm the prandtl number is the ratio of the rates of two different types of this process the product of boltzmann s constant temperature and the mobility gives the einstein smoluchowski ... [p 3] this process is known as osmosis when it occurs with water for 10 points name this stochastic process where particles move from areas of high concentration to low concentration answer diffusion accept electromigration until knudsen is read prompt on brownian motion jl phys 13 after this event anna deavere smith documented those affected by it in the play twilight a focus ...

#10 Finals 1.pdf

Bonus Collegiate/2016 MLK
[p 1] 10 points name this french playwright of the screens and the balcony answer jean genet wn 2 petschek s fast model for changes in these entities structure involves a small diffusion region and in two dimensions that process can only occur at x points particles will be reflected by these entities where a ratio of their magnitude equals the sine of the pitch angle squared this quantity moves with the local plasma velocity according to alfven s theorem the restoring force applied by the tension of this quantity gives rise to alfven waves as described by a discipline which uses the navier ... [p 9] faith 10 another article of faith is the belief in these figures one of whom revealed the quran to muhammad and was named jibril answer angels sd 14 eugen von bohm bawerk coined the term roundaboutness to refer to the use of these goods for 10 points each 10 name these durable goods such as machinery which are used in the ...

#11 Round6-Drogra.pdf

Tossup Collegiate/2016 Chicago Open
[p 3] of a wire passing around a solenoid the magnetic vector potential gives rise to a change in this quantity even when the magnetic field itself is zero in the aharonov bohm effect for 10 points name this quantity which along with a real amplitude can specify any plane wave answer phase or phase difference or phase shift or phase change 11 ... [p 4] for tricking 14 an unexpected 36 hz extremely low frequency wave in this region is believed to be the second harmonic of a schumann resonance and has been attributed to plasma instability inductively coupled plasmas have been used by imanaka et al to reproduce the tholins found in this region the destabilization of clathrates is a popular hypothesis to explain the ... [p 10] in catalytic cracking answer zeolites 10 the kinetics of bimolecular zeolite reactions are governed by this mechanism in which each individual species first adsorbs to an available open site then diffuses along the surface until it finds another molecule to react with the first namesake of this mechanism proposed a simple adsorption isotherm answer langmuir hinshelwood mechanism prompt on langmuir isotherm ...

#12 Round 14 - WUSTL, Berkeley A, and VCU.pdf

Bonus Collegiate/2014 ACF Nationals
[p 1] quantity s namesake locked loop this quantity is modified by the charge times the flux quantum divided by h bar when passing a photon around a solenoid in an aharonov bohm experiment dividing the angular frequency by the wavenumber yields this type of velocity which can 1 exceed the speed of light although no information is transmitted faster than c coherent ... [p 10] has a frequency equal to particle charge times magnetic field divided by particle mass answer cyclotron motion or gyromotion or larmor motion 10 the constant for this process in a plasma has intermediate value between the constant for the same type of process undergone by electrons and that undergone by ions this process occurs when electrons separate from ions across a density gradient resulting in a restoring electric field which keeps the plasma quasineutral answer ambipolar diffusion prompt on partial answers 10 the evolution of the distribution function in phase space for a plasma is governed by an equation named for this scientist his distribution equates the ...

#13 APacket 1.docx

Tossup Collegiate/2013 Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament
[p 1] and the contras answer nicaragua 4 one form of this process is characterized by a nonlinear dependence of particle msd on time and is the subject of ctrw models in plasmas electrons move perpendicularly to magnetic field lines in a form of this property named for bohm the rate of this process in a gas is proportional to the square root of the density of the gas the flux due to this process is related to the ... [p 1] is subjected to this process it is called osmosis for 10 points name this process by which molecules flow from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration answer diffusion antiprompt on osmosis 5 this man refuted walter lippmann s view that journalists should transmit information from the elite to common people in a book that defines the public as ...

#14 MUT II - Minnesota 3.pdf

suacb - Writer
Bonus Collegiate/2009 Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament MUT
[p 9] identify this physicist who described the wavefuction acting as a pilot wave to determine the path of a particle also the namesake of an effect with yakir aharanov answer david bohm 10 bohmian mechanics improved upon this man s pilot wave theory he also hypothesized that the wavelength of a particle is inversely related to its momentum answer louis victor pierre de broglie 10 bohm also lends his name to one type of this process observed in plasmas it can also be described by a pair of differential equations named for adolf fick answer diffusion 10 for 10 points each answer the following about goings on in warren gamaliel harding s administration 10 harding s only secretary of state was this man a former new ...

#15 12 - 2009 Harvard International.pdf

Brian Young - Writer
Tossup Collegiate/2009 Harvard International
[p 2] function called holonomic he names a phenomenon that scales with the reciprocal of magnetic field strength rather than the reciprocal square in the limit of few collisions a form of diffusion in a plasma in the presence of a magnetic field his best known theory is by bell s theorem causal but not local since it employs hidden variables its correspondences to pilot wave ... [p 2] for him and de broglie for 10 points identify this namesake of an effect where a magnetic field affects regions from which it is excluded along with aharonov answer david bohm note if you regularly play bad questions you may want to know that when he was young he invented a dripless teapot whatever that is 9 this composer s gloomy ...

#16 09 fichte09.pdf

MLW - Writer
Bonus Collegiate/2009 FICHTE
[p 12] answer the following questions related to plasmas 10 in the absence of a magnetic field this value represents the characteristic length describing the screening of a test charge in a plasma by the surrounding ions and electrons answer debye length 10 the presence of convective cells or magnetostatic nodes can give rise to this form of diffusion in plasmas answer bohm diffusion 10 oscillations of electron density in plasmas can give rise to these longitudinal plasmaacoustic waves answer langmuir waves 24 this song claims that you may talk about your clementine ...

#17 2009 Chicago Open - Finals 2.pdf

Christian Carter - Writer
Tossup Collegiate/2009 Chicago Open
[p 2] its local scale kinematics its onset occurs during taylor green conditions in les simulations which may be experimentally modeled in the boussinesq approximation for small increments the occurrence of molecular diffusion it causes varies as the cube of the viscosity and the inverse of the energy dissipation rate to the one fourth that relation is the kolmogorov length scale which assumes ... [p 2] applying the wigner moyal transform to their respective field relations their conversion to electromagnetic radiation is a key mechanism of type iii solar bursts their propagation is governed by the bohm gross relation and the zakharov equations describe their interaction with the oscillatory modes with which they are always associated which leads to a deceleration known as landau damping resulting from density enhancements which violate local charge neutrality they may generate voltages higher than 100 giga electron volts per meter ftp name these rapid fluctuations in electron density in a plasma the fastest known matter waves answer langmuir waves 10 one character in this work keeps a copy of marital relational psychology in his desk and that character murders his mistress ...

#18 2009 ACF Winter - Virginia Commonwealth University.pdf

Trygve Meade - Writer
Bonus Collegiate/2009 ACF Winter
[p 3] tube can be used to study this phenomenon the ability of plasmas to escape confinement in a magnetic field faster than kinetic estimates would predict is accounted for by the bohm type of this process and in levy flights its constant becomes infinite stochastic variables can be applied to molecular states to produce the ehrenfest model of this process and random ... [p 3] this process that is governed by a relationship between flow rate and concentration difference known as fick s law and can describe gas molecules moving down a concentration gradient answer diffusion 19 one of his poems discusses a beautiful mild woman and states that the title character s fall needs much laboring another poem by this man states that the title ... [p 5] aid of this vitamin which aids in the addition of alpha carboxylated glutamate residues answer vitamin k 10 thrombin s role in the clotting cascade is to cleave this soluble plasma glycoprotein to produce a hemostatic plug or a pathological thrombus producing a similarly named non globular protein answer fibrinogen 10 his fairytale operas include the tale of tsar saltan kashchey ...

#19 2009 ACF Regionals - PennA Oklahoma Harvard A (final).pdf

Bonus Collegiate/2009 ACF Regionals
[p 5] which stats that all matter has wave properties answer de broglie hypothesis 10 de broglie worked with this man on a probabilistic interpretation of quantum theory he also names the diffusion of plasmas across a magnetic field answer david bohm 2 name these authors of twentieth century epic poems for 10 points each 10 this poet claimed that there were no ideas but in things in his five part depiction ...

#20 r13- Chicago A.pdf

Jason Paik - Writer
Tossup Collegiate/2009 ACF Nationals
[p 2] which involves tapping lands for white green red blue or black mana answer magic the gathering or mtg 7 he is the namesake of the criterion that ions in a plasma must enter the debye sheath at or above the sound speed he expanded on de broglie s pilot wave theory to give a namesake theory that avoids the measurement problem plasma microinstabilities produce a scaling of one over the magnetic field strength in his eponymous anomalously rapid plasma diffusion process with one of his students he predicted a geometric phase observed in double slit experiments due to the influence of the vector potential even in regions with zero magnetic field for 10 points identify this proponent of a non local hidden variables interpretation of quantum mechanics the namesake of an effect with aharonov answer david joseph bohm 8 in this battle zachariah deas forced the retreat of general william carlin from la fayatte road before an attack on lytle hill caused confusion among opposing generals the victorious ...

#21 Gaddis - Round 4.pdf

Tossup Collegiate/2008 William Gaddis Experiment
[p 1] 2008 william gaddis experiment this tournament is about learning round 4 tossups 1 the result of neglecting the ionization term in the fluid plasma wall equations results in a criterion named for this man which has been shown to forbid the existence of a patching point and which does not specify a sheath edge ... [p 1] velocity for a particle entering the debye sheath he also gives his name to a phenomenon that scales with the reciprocal of the strength of the magnetic field his namesake diffusion and he lends his name to an effect wherein a magnetic vector potential affects a charged particle in the absence of a magnetic field along with yakir aharonov for 10 ... [p 1] this american physicist who developed a non local hidden variables quantum mechanical interpretation wherein the wavefunction of an electron determines its motion by acting as a pilot wave answer david bohm 3 2 this measurement was first proposed in 1972 as a yardstick for the middle path of development the tala project which generates hydroelectric power via run of the river ...

#22 2008 EFT: Trapping Bees in a Dyson Sphere

Author - Writer
Tossup Collegiate/2008 Early Fall Tournament EFT
[p 1] number and long range interactions in them are taken into account in the vlasov equation langmuir probes are used to determine their properties and they move across magnetic fields in bohm diffusion these substances screen electric fields up to the debye length and the quark gluon type is of interest in qcd studied in tokamaks this substance is usually created on earth by electric arcs ftp name this fourth stage of matter commonly found in stars answer plasma 3 one of this man s works is framed as a letter from mrs curren to her daughter another one of his works centers on the relationship between paul rayment ...

#23 Literature Tossups:

Matthew J. Nance - Writer
Tossup Collegiate/2008 ACF Regionals
[p 3] process whose knudsen type occurs at low pressure on surfaces it can occur in reptation and leapfrog modes while it names an approximation used in reconstruction of optical tomograms the bohm type occurs in plasmas and its constant is related to the ratio of terminal drift velocity to an applied force in the einstein relation multiplying that same constant by 4 and time gives the ... [p 3] inversely related to separation in fick s laws for 10 points name this process also described by graham s law the movement of a particle down a concentration gradient answer diffusion 18 this man distinguished himself under aulus plautius capturing twenty oppida in britain and setting up a headquarters at isca dumniorum he later became a patrion of flavius josephus after ...

#24 SM 2004 - Jerry 2.pdf

Tossup Archived/Old Collegiate/2004 Science Monstrosity
[p 2] receptor is a heterotetrameter of two extracellular alpha subunits disulfide bonded to two transmembrane beta subunits in most nonhepatic tissues it performs its function by increasing the number of certain plasma membrane transporters while in the liver it works by helping to activate photodiesterase its production is partly regulated by hormones known as incretins and it is infused directly into the ... [p 7] laws must be homogenous in all dimensions answer buckingham pi theorem 15 points this dimensionless number the ratio of mean free path to a representative length scale allows differentiation between diffuse and molecular flow regimes answer knudsen number 5 points the best known of the dimensionless numbers it differentiates between turbulent and laminar flow answer reynolds number 13 answer some questions ... [p 8] diffusion was proposed by its namesake on the basis of empirical results and scales as one over the magnetic field rather than as one over the magnetic field squared answer bohm diffusion 8 18 identify these things related to evolution ftpe 10 points beginning about 545 million years ago this is the term given to the burst in animal origins the ...

#25 The speaker bemoans the fact that magazines try to use his likeness to generate more advertising revenue

Blah McBlah - Writer
Tossup Archived/Old Collegiate/2004 Illinois Open
[p 3] name this author of foundations of economic analysis a chicago economist who won the nobel prize in 1970 answer paul anthony samuelson tossup 15 among its modern applications are thermal diffuse scattering studies of phonon dispersions and crystal truncation rod analyses of lattice growth this technique s weak interaction with matter and characteristic angstrom wavelength optimize it for studying the atomic ... [p 7] around a solenoid and then recombined the electrons along each path interact differently with the vector potential in a magnetic field free to produce an observable phase difference answer aharonov bohm effect bonus 15 name the following minor characters in various greek tragedies for ten points each 1 this generally mute character startingly has a short speech in which he reminds ... [p 8] in external conditions is assumed not to affect the harmonics of a system s solutions giving rise to namesake invariants such as the magnetic moment of a particle in a plasma answer adiabatic approximation 3 this variant of the adiabatic approximation used in molecular physics posits that due to their greater mass the nuclei of atoms can be treated at rest ...